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Slovenika is newly founded publishing house, founded by enthusiasts who would like to import changes and offer something new to the readers in our country.


Our vision is to bring the best of the world literature for our readers. Our intention is to publish all that is good in the near and far literature, which from any reason has not been translated or published here. By that we especially mean the folk literatures, classics, and the best of the contemporary literature from all of the countries in the world.

Also, we are inclined to publish superb scientific works from the whole of the word. Our special focus are those which are connected with our culture, language and history, but we are interested also in rare and interesting scientific works that have worldly significance. Slovenika has intention to publish rare and old books from the field of the belles-lettres, too. Apart from that, we also publish popular titles, mainly by enthusiasts who write about public topics that touch our cultural questions, events, workers for the cause etc. Slovenika publishes scripts, also. Finally, Slovenika is interested to work with our young authors, as well.


Slovenika is present at our market only for two years, and unfortunately, those two years are the years of Corona virus, but still it managed to bring several important titles, mainly of classics of various world literatures.

We currently prepare more translations from world classics and bestsellers, and scientific and popular publications from our authors.


Our team includes editorial board of literary and scientific enthusiasts, and workers and translators who love their work and do not expose themselves and boast on social nets, but leave their work to speak about them. For now both our editorial team and the translators consist only of people with titles and recognized and cognizable by their work.



Apart from through internet and our site, our books are sold in the bookstores of couple of our publishing houses and in every stop-spot in the republic.